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About Us

AV Projector Room is the product of a decade's long passion in bringing world class quality Projection Imagery to the mass market. With the growing demand for high quality Audio Visual displays, AV Projector Room is filling the void between retail box selling and cost prohibitive contractors. Our aim is to be the top all in one Innovative Solutions Provider in Malaysia for all your Audio Visual needs. From our customer-centric sales team to our knowledgeable technical team, you will find that AV Projector Room's service is unparalleled to any competitor in the market.




AV Projector Room is a proud reseller of many notable Projector brands including Epson, Sony, Maxell (formerly Hitachi), Viewsonic, Panasonic, Optoma and many more. Our close working relationship with all our brand's supplier means clients get top notch advice on Projection as well as extensive after sales service. Through our wide selection of brands, we are able to fulfill all your needs whether a business presentation projector or a 4k home theater projector.


In addition to Projectors, AV Projector Room carries our own in house brand of Cables and Mounting Bracket to provide a complete solution to clients. We aim to provide top of class quality through our Grandview Projection Screen as well as our full range of AV Link Audio Visual network products. 3D Projection is also made possible with our range of Xpand 3D viewing glasses. We also carry a wide selection of Projector Lamp for all brands. Our no compatible policy means customers get only original products to ensure longevity and quality.


Digital Signage


AV Projector Room is proud to partner with Viewsonic as Malaysia's myViewboard Distributor to bring you the latest in Interactive learning. A world class leader in Digital Signage, Viewsonic's wide range of displays from Monitor Displays, LED Displays to Interactive Screens, Viewsonic has a solution for every Visual need.


Through myViewboard, digital collaboration can be made possible right at your fingertips. With Viewsonic's built in Digital Whiteboard software, clients can collaborate remotely with screen sharing and editing function with the option to save and record multimedia files. Distance is no obstacle with myViewboard's video conferencing function, enabling participants to join and collaborate on a single file from all over the world with an internet connection.


Audio Visual Solution


Our all in one solution means clients don't have to worry when it comes to their projector installation. From cabling to the projection screen, our comprehensive tailor made solution is guaranteed to suit all client's needs. Whether you are looking for a state of the art boardroom or a budget friendly showroom, we have it all covered.



Our experienced team of technicians specialise in all brands of projector repair. With our comprehensive warranty scheme and 24/7 standby customer service, clients can have an ease of mind when leaving their projector with us, 


Maintenance and Service


AV Projector Room prides itself in having a dedicated in house technical team to service and repair all brands of projectors. Our on-site service is guaranteed to prolong and optimize the usage of your projector. With regular maintenance, clients need not worry about sudden or unexpected damage during usage. Often our regular customers are still utilizing the same projector even after a decade of constant use. Leave it to us to know what's best for your Projection needs.


360 projection mapping and blending 360 panoramic display


AV Projector Room is the leading Projection blending expert in Malaysia. Together with our content team and expertise in projectors, we aim to provide the most immersive and transformative solution to customers.

From round tables to odd shaped cut outs, we are able to bring life like projection imagery to the audience. Projection blending is our clients' preferred flagship product compared to video walls and LED displays due to it's cost efficiency.

Video Conferencing Solution

With the increasing need for teleconferencing solutions, AV Projector Room has now introduced video conferencing devices and solutions integrated with our Projection and video output products. We provide an all in one system for huddle rooms to large conference rooms to suit all range of budgets and needs.

Audio Video Network Communication Hardware

AV Projector Room's extensive knowledge in audio visual products compliments our total integrated solution providing networking and communication control hardware. Our experience in large venue enables set up utilising and providing wiring installation and an ecosystem of control hardware. Our products and solutions include:

  • Matrix Switchers and Presentation switcher

  • Distribution Amplifier or Video Splitter

  • VGA and HDMI Signal Booster or repeater

  • Active converter

  • Video extender using HDMI, Cat 5/6 or fiber optic

  • Video Selector

NEW! Object cropping with any projector

Project onto any surface and any shape object with your existing projector. Create multi- dimensional projection image with customizable content.

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