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Multi format converter MRM-602P Malaysia

Multi format converter MRM-602P Malaysia



    • Supports seamless switching with zero second latency upon different resolutions.
    • Flexible for having any combination of the preferred video (VGA, YPbPr, DVI or HDMI) modular cards and very easy to swap via 2 screws only.
    • Up/down/cross converter equipped with VGA, YPbPr, DVI and HDMI inputs/ HDMI, VGA and Audio outputs.
    • Supports interlaced video to progressive video. (like 1080i => 1080P)
    • Supports up convert. (like VGA => 1080P@60)
    • Supports down convert. (like 1080P@60 => 720P@60)
    • Supports cross convert. (like 576i@50 => 1080P@60)
    • Resolution up to 1080P.
    • Supports 2 * aspect ratio modes.
    • 1:1� Aspect ratio mode: This mode keeps the output image have the horizontal and vertical ratio as same as the input image comes from the video. That makes the output image has no distortion.
    • Full� Aspect ratio mode: This mode modifies the original input image comes from the video to fit the aspect ratio of your output display. Sometimes the image will be distorted so that it can fit in with the screen of your output display.
    • Centralized control upon series connections via RS-485
    • Supports both HDMI and VGA output.
    • Supports RS-232 serial control.
    • Supports RS-485 serial control
    • Supports Ethernet control.
    • Supports Audio input/output
    • Remote controller for up to 12 meters wireless operation.
    • Hot pluggable and 1U rack design.
    • EDID management (Copy from OUT port to 3*HDMI input).
    • HDCP Compliant
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