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XPANDVISION Cinema 3D Active Shutter Glasses X101 Malaysia

XPANDVISION Cinema 3D Active Shutter Glasses X101 Malaysia


Optimal 3D Experience

  • XPANDVISION� X101 Series prevents �IR black holes� in the theater by utilizing an optimal diode layout � making sure 100% of the viewers will have optimal 3D experience, regardless of their seat position.
  • The Highest Reliability in 3D Market
  • XPANDVISION� X101 Series components are built to work in extreme conditions, further endorsing XPANDVISION�s� long-standing achievement of having the highest 3D reliability.
  • Even Faster Installation
  • With high number of 3D movies being released, programming flexibility is critical to the Exhibitor�s success. Moving the systems from a large auditorium to a smaller auditorium and vice versa is a daily practice that optimizes profits. To continue its commitment in reducing initial setup time, reduce theater staffing interaction, and long-term maintenance, XPANDVISION� X101 Series has been designed with unique features to meet those requirements.



  • Features

    Longer Lamp Life

    Due to X101 Series increased light efficiency, DC projectors can be set to their normal lamp settings as opposed to increased lamp output settings which is required by competing 3D systems. This increases lamp life by at least 80%.

    No Silver Screen

    Standard white screens can be used for both 2D and 3D, thus eliminating unwanted �hot spots� created by 2D presentations on silver screens. With its focused light reflection back to the audience, a silver screen offers a narrower viewing angle as opposed to the lower gain matte screen which provides a much wider viewing angle, while offering the exact same 3D experience to EVERY seat in the auditorium.

    Replaceable Batteries

    Each battery averages 250 hours of battery life. The batteries can be easily replaced by anyone with a special XPANDVISION� provided key.


    XPANDVISION� X101 Series active glasses are rugged and flexible. The glasses were designed with flex points, which extend the lifetime of the glasses. In rigorous, independent laboratory testing, the X101 glasses worked over 2000 shows, providing unbeatable costs per show.

    Automatic �ON/OFF�

    To ensure operation of the glasses at show time, to reduce theater operational interface and to better manage battery life, the X101 Series glasses turn �ON� and �OFF� automatically.

    Ease of Distribution and Collection

    To reduce the need for additional theater staffing and monitoring, XPANDVISION� has developed and made available (optional), a well designed utility cart (3D Trolley) for efficient distribution, collection and storage of the glasses.

    The Brightest 3D Solution

    3D requires as much light as possible. XPANDVISION� X101 Series features the fastest shutter technology for the brightest image. The XPANDVISION� Cinema light efficiency using X101 Series glasses at 144hz has been increased to over 17%.


    The components of the XPANDVISION� X101 Series are tested for durability, usability and accelerated stress. The X101 Series includes a 2-Year warranty for all head end hardware, Distribution Module, IR Emitter, and IR Tester. Glasses are not included in this warranty.

    Please note: Despite the robust design, the lenses are made of glass and are susceptible to cracking when twisted. Care should be taken and patrons should be instructed by theater staff to not bend or twist the glasses.

    Environmentally Conscious

    The X101 Series glasses can be used longer than ever and the X101 Series emitters are using environmental friendly diodes. This is a key element of XPANDVISION�s� continued commitment to �green technologies� and �earth friendly� solutions.

    Secured Communication

    For better communication and to eliminate �cross-talk� and �ghosting�, XPANDVISION�s� X101 Series glasses operate with a secured IR signal.

    100% DLP

    XPANDVISION� X101 Series is optimized to work with both 0.98 inch and 1.2 inch DLP Cinema chips.

    EAS Security Tag System

    XPANDVISION� X101 Series now includes a standard EAS anti-theft tag device. In order to utilize this security feature, anti-theft panels will be required which can be purchased from specialized suppliers in your region. Installation and power source requirements will be required by Exhibition as well.

    Extended IR Range

    Extended IR range supporting the largest Cinemas in the world.

    Radio Communication

    To further eliminate potential cross talk, XPANDVISION� X101 Series is designed to enable Radio communication between the glasses and emitters in future models.


  • Specifications

    Model X101
    3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses
    HFR Yes
    Frame weight 71 g (2.5 oz)
    Lens size 57mm diagonal (2.2�)
    Lens type LCD
    Contrast 300/1
    Sync Method IR
    Lens Transparency 35% +/- 1 %
    Frame Rate Frequency 96 � 240 Hz
    Shuttering Frequency 48 � 120 Hz
    Battery Life 250 hours
    Battery Type X-Battery
    Temperature 5 � 45�C (41 � 113�F)
    Compatibility XPAND Cinema IR Protocol � Secured