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XPANDVISION Cinema 3D Glasses Model X103c Malaysia

XPANDVISION Cinema 3D Glasses Model X103c Malaysia


Lighter & more comfortable

  • XPAND X103c Series 3D Glasses have dramatically lighter frame � staggering 30%. Improved ergonomic design also ensure long-wearing comfort.
  • Extended Battery Life
  • XPAND X103c Series feature standard CR2032 battery. Battery life has been dramatically increased to more than 300 hours of use. On top of that, the battery is locked, yet it�s easily replaceable.
  • Improved Brightness and wide viewing angle
  • XPAND X103c Series feature improved brightness for accurate color experience. The wide viewing angle ensures optimal 3D experience no matter where you sit in the theatre!



  • Features


    • Improved brightness
    • 30% lighter frame and ergonomic design for long-wearing comfort
    • Battery door locked, can be easily opened with a knife or similar tool
    • Battery life: over 300 hours
    • Wide 3D viewing angle � optimal 3D experience no matter where you sit in the theatre!
    • Ergonomic design for long-wearing comfort
    • Active Shutter IR based
    • The fastest shuttering speed eliminating headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain
    • High transmission ratio for bright images
    • Non sealed/non washable
    • Non-foldable, replaceable arms
    • Exchangeable nosepiece (large and small)


    • Anti-theft tag
    • Black color (VIP version)


    • Standard CR2032
    • Locked, but easily replaceable
    • Over 300 hours of use


  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Model X103-C
    3D Technology Active Shutter Glasses
    Sync Method IR
    HFR Support Yes
    Shuttering Frequency 96 � 240 Hz
    Lens Type LCD, TN
    Lens Size 2.2" diagonal (57 mm)
    Lens Transparency 37%
    Contrast 1100/1
    Battery Type CR2032 lithium coin battery (3 V,
    220 mAh)
    Operating Time min 300 h at 24 fps, triple flash (most common)
    Battery Protection Locked, non-waterproof
    Operating Temperature 5 � 45�C (41 � 113�F)
    Compatibility XPAND Cinema IR Protocol � Secured

    Frame Specification

    Lens Size 57 mm diagonal (2.2�)
    (W x H x D)
    167 mm x 46 mm x 162 mm
    (6.7� x 1.6� x 6.5�)
    Weight 56 g (1.9 oz)
    Frame Color Red or Black
    Earpieces Color Black


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