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Projection Blending and Mapping

Projector blending is the use of 2 or more projectors side by side to create one seamless image. The overlapped area will be "blended" so that the overall image has a harmonious colour and tone. This can be done using any brand and type of projector. The dimensions of the image and location of the projector will be needed to calculate the number of projectors required and the most suitable type based on client's site to determine what projector suits you best.


Meanwhile projector mapping (image cropping) is the use of projectors to map onto a specific object. There are no limitations to the type of object you can map on so long the object is not made from a light reflective material.

We often use a combination of blending and mapping to realise customer's goals and create a more life like projection.

Panoramic Projection Display

Video blending and cropping for a home cinema. Enjoy the wide screen experience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home theatre set up. 

Multiple projector blending and cropping suitable for curve wall or 360 degree panoramic display. Suitable for use in museum, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Projection Blending, Mapping and Cropping on a round table for a dining room together with a panoramic 360 degree projector display. Trust us for a custom creative solution.

Large wall format ceiling to floor projection blending. Utilising multiple projectors to create one seamless image. 

The ultimate dining experience with full wall projection blending and table top projection. Customise your content to each individual customer.

Simple multiple projection blending for the ultimate home theatre experience. Extend your image to a wide screen format. Suitable for locations with limited space. 

Interactive Projection blending for a truly unique experience. Enable unique life like application through the use of laser projectors for virtual set ups. Long lasting with up to 20,000 hours usage. 

AV projector room is a leading innovator in 360 degree curve screen projection blending and mapping. Our solution involves end to end consultation to determine the most optimum use of space to maximise client’s needs. Together with our content team, we can provide a new cinematic experience at the fraction of the cost of a traditional home theatre experience. Common projection mapping and blending applications include:

  • Home theatre cinema. Cost a fraction of the price of buying a TV display of similar size.

  • Event halls, Hotels. Create life like imagery with an easy, fast, low cost set up. Examples include projection cropping on cake and projector blending on hall backdrop.

  • Restaurants, Bars. Customised content for an immersive interactive experience using object cropping and projection blending on surrounding wall.

  • Fitness centre, Gym. Wide angle projection for virtual exercise routines.

  • Corporate office. For large conference and boardrooms utilising wide screen or multiple screen display.

Other panoramic display solutions include video wall and LED Display.

Object Mapping and Cropping

Bring lifelike imagery to any object using any brand of projector. Map onto any irregular surface area with your choice of content. Scalable to be used for multiple objects. Suitable for events, exhibition halls, museum and many more. 

Interactive Projector Blending 

Epson EB-1485Fi Interactive Projector with Blending

The use of multiple interactive projector together utilising image blending allows users the same wide screen view as with normal blending but with added interactive touch function. Custom create your own content for use in museums, schools, events and many more.


  • One day set up with minimal hacking

  • Multi touch function using finger or stylus pen

  • Option to project on table

  • Long life span of more than 20,000 hours utilising laser technology

  • PC-free digital whiteboard. Draw, save, print and email without connecting to laptop

Full immersive Projection



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