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Projector Installation and Consultation contractor

Projector installation with screen by AV Projector room malaysia
Kuala Lumpur laser no lamp projector installer service

At AV Projector room, we pride in utilizing the latest technology to bring the best and most cost efficient solution to our clients. We provide complimentary all in one quotation for all brands from the projector to screen to cabling to best suit client’s needs.

Safety first installation by AV Projector room Malaysia
Large venue auditorium installation with scaffolding by AV Projector room Klang valley
All in one expert installer by AV Projector room malaysia

Total integrated solution

Our end to end installation service includes:

·       Ceiling or wall mount for projector and screen

·       Concealed wiring or wiring via conduit PVC piping

·       Multiple source input points at location of client’s convenience

·       Projection calibration for optimum sizing and brightness performance



Solution for all clients:

  • Home theatre, Cinema

  • Schools, Universities, College, Tuition Centre

  • Corporate offices

  • Event Halls, Auditorium, Lecture Halls

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Places of worship, Temple, Church, Mosque

  • Fitness centres and gym

  • and many more

Certified Epson Interactive Projector Installer

Certified Epson Intractive iprojection Laser Projector Installer in Malaysia

Projector, Interactive board and Computer in one. Connect, collaborate and share information effortlessly Turn it on and immediately you can start writing or annotating the content using a touch or gesture. Collaborate with local or remote participants. Then capture, save, print or email – even from mobile devices. 

  • Beyond Full HD resolution

  • White and colour brightness of 4,000 lumens

  • No lamp change with laser light source

  • Dual Screen seamless interactivity

  • Wireless Projection and Miracast® 

  • Finger Touch Interactive

  • Ultra Short Throw 80” screen @ 47cm

Rear Projection Installation

Rear Projection by AV Projector Room

Enable rear Projection with our custom made projection film. Rear Projection is the use of special made film attached to a glass surface to allow projection from the back rather than the conventional method which is from the front. This is a technically challenging setup requiring film tinting experts for flawless installation. This solution is suitable for clients that prefer a shadowless set up with minimal interference. 

Ideal Applications:

  • Store front

  • Home theatre

  • Exhibitions or events

Large Venue Installation

Utilising heavy duty Motorised Projector Lifts, we can customise each installation to any venue. Commonly used in ballrooms and auditoriums for Projectors more than 5,000 Lumens.

Benefits over conventional fixed ceiling installation:

  • Hassle free future maintenance in the event of breakdown

  • Customisable height for any projection image size

  • Neat looking with option to conceal Projector when not in use

Table or Floor Projection

Project any customisable image or logo on tables, floor and buildings.