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Projector Replacement Lamp 

Bare Lamp (OB)

  • Depending on projector model, may be challenging to replace.

  • Contains mercury. Require professional assistance.

  • Cost effective. Up to 40% cheaper than whole lamp with housing.

  • Not available for high end projectors.

Lamp with Housing (OWH)

  • Easy to install. Plug and play.

  • May not be available for projector model that is obsolete.

  • Only option available for high end projectors.

3M Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Acer Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
BenQ Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Canon Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Dell Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Eiki Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Hitachi Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Infocus Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Maxell Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
HP Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Mitsubishi Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
NEC Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Optoma Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Panasonic Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Sharp Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Sony Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Viewsonic Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Free delivery within Malaysia | 6 Months Warranty

General Lamp Replacement Guide

1. Make sure projector is turned off and the power source is disconnected.

2. Let the projector cool down for at least an hour.

3. Locate the lamp cover. (Usually at the bottom of the projector)

4. Unscrew the lamp cover and the screws connecting the lamp to the projector.

5. Remove the entire lamp module including the casing by lifting the lamp handle.

6. Insert new lamp module into projector and screw back carefully making sure that the lamp connector/cord is securely connected to the projector.

7. Screw back lamp cover.

8. Plug into power source and press the start button.

9. Locate the menu and reset the lamp hour to 0.

* Do not remove the lamp if the bulb is broken. Consult a professional to replace bare bulb.

Our Guarantee

  • Guaranteed brand new genuine original lamp filament using Osram/Philips/Ushio bulb. 

  • Wide range of lamp. We stock all brands including 3M, Acer, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Dell, Epson, Hitachi/Maxell, HP, Infocus, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Viewsonic and many more.

  • Long warranty. 6 months or 500 hours whichever come first. One to one exchange for any lamp related problem.

  • Fast lead time. Over more than 100 models of ready stock lamp and 3 working day maximum lead time for preorder lamp upon confirmation.

  • On site installation available. Same day lamp replacement upon confirmation.

  • Local technical support. Instruction and guidelines on how to reset lamp hour and replacement of bare lamp.

  • Testing. All our lamps are tested before shipment.

  • Bulk and Dealer pricing. Special price for purchase of multiple units.

Projector Lamp on site Installation

We provide on site lamp replacement service inclusive of service and optical engine cleaning reducing the amount of downtime for users. The process takes approximately half an hour for each unit (normal ceiling height). Clients can resume using their projector immediately. 

Original vs Compatible Lamp / Bulb

Often the authenticity of projector lamps is hard to verify even to the trained eye. The most noticeable difference is after a few months of usage. Customers will often notice a stark drop in brightness and metal fraying on the lamp itself. Another tell tale sign is the lifespan of the lamp, most compatible lamps have a limited lifespan of couple on months up to a year. In addition, compatible lamps often emit uneven heating to the projector causing possible damage to the internal parts, reducing the useful life of the projector. However, a broken lamp does not mean the lamp is compatible. This is due to the lamp being used beyond it's recommended useful life.

Common Projector Lamp Model in Malaysia

Ready stock 3M Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


3M X64, X95, X21, X35N, X55I 



Acer PD100, X1273, X1378WH, P1285, S1283Hne, P5327, P1286, P6500, P1265, X1261, X123PH, P1150, K137i,  X1223H, P1350WL, X1123H, K335, C205, P1185, S1286H, C200, P1173, P5327W, X1161P, X117H, X125H, P1285B, P1206, X113P, PD523, X1326WH, X127H, H7850, P1383W, S1283H, X115H, P1283, P1276, K135 (CWX1137), X1160PZ, XI1161, H9600BD, P1201B, P1385WB, P1163 

Ready stock BenQ Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


 BenQ MX823ST,  MX852UST,  MX816ST,  MP624,  MX819ST,  MW621ST,  MS550,   MS527,  MX501,  W100,  MX503,  W1200,  EX501,  MX842UST,  MX528,  MX525,  MP525ST,  MX522P,  MX661,  W7000+,  W1100,  MX631ST,  MX810XTe,  MP515,  MS614,  MW853UST,  W1080ST,  W1070,  MS816ST 

Ready stock Canon Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


 Canon LV-S3E,  LV-X7,  LV-7250,  LV-WX300, 



 Dell 2400MP,  4220,  4320,  1410X,  1610HD,  M209X,  4210X,  1410X ,  1609WX 


Epson X18,  EB-1776W,  EB-435W,  EB-1880,  EMP-1825,  EB-905,  EB-X41,  EB-X18,  EB-965H,  EB-X12,  XB-X12,  EB-W31,  EB-W12,  EB-S41,  EB-S31,  EB-X04,  EB-1955,  EB-S02,  EB-W41,  EB-4950WU,  Powerlite98H,  EMP-82,  EB-G7100,  EB-S18,  EH-TW5350,  EB-G5450WU,  EB-1975W,  EB-455WI,  EB-W31 ,  EB-530,  EB-X14,  EB-X31,  EB-X05,  EB-W18,  EB-X03,  EB-W10,  EB-2055,  EH-TW5200 

Ready stock Hitachi Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Hitachi CP-X264,  CP-A100,  CP-X5021N,  CP-X4015WN,  CP-D27WN,  CP-X4022WN,  CP-RX94,  CP-DX301,  CP-D32W,  CP-X3014WN,  CP-EX250EF,  CP-X3030WNEF,  CP-X3021WN,  CP-RX79EP,  CP-EX300,  CP-X4042WN,  CP-X3030WN,  CP-EX301,  CP-EX302,  CP-DX250,   CPX-380,   CP-X2520 

Ready stock Infocus Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Infocus IN122, IN105, IN124, IN102 

Ready stock Mitsubishi Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


 Mitsubishi WD570U,  WD380U-EST,  ES200U,  EX320U,  XD8100U,  HC900,  HC3800,  XD250U,  LVP-X70U,  XD560U 

Ready stock NEC Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


NEC M361X, VT46, PA500X, NP-V260G, V260X, NP62, NP215, NP115, V260G, M302WSG, NP-PA600XG, PA600X, NP-M300XG, NP-M350XG, VE281, NP-VE281G, VE281X, VE281XG, NP905G2, NP43, M311WG, NP-V300XG, NP510G, M350XG, NP-V260XG, VE281G, NP100G, NP-VE280XG, VE280X, M300X, NP215G, V300, VE280G, VT49, P451X, NP-VE280G, NP-MC421XG, NP-P420XG, NP-VE281XG, NP-V300W, NP-V332WG, NP-CR2165X, NP-M332XSG, VT49G, NP-P451XG, V311XG, VT470G, V260XG, NP-M311XG, VT595G, LT380, LT260K, M350X, M322X, VE303G, NP-M402XG 

Ready stock Optoma Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


 Optoma W501,  X312,  ES551,  W316ST,  S341,  EX785,  EP7161,  S316,  HD29Darbee,  HD25,  HD20 

Ready stock Panasonic Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Panasonic LB300, PT-LB3EA, PT-ST10EA, D6000, LX30H, LB330, PT-DZ570U, PT-EX610, PT-LB300, PT-LB280, PT-VX600, PT-VX500, PT-LB360, PT-LX30H, PT-LB2EA, PT-LW280, LB50, PT-LB2VEA, PT-F300, PT-D5700, PT-LX26EA, PT-LB1VEA, LB-330, LB-300, PT-VX410, PT-D5000ES, D12000, PT-ST10, PT-LB51, PT-EX600E, DZ570, LB1VEA, PT-F300EA, PT-DZ570, PT-D6000ES, PT-VX605N, PT-XW2731STC, PT-LB330, PT-VX500EA, DZ570U, PT-AE700E, PT-LB2, PT-LW373, PT-LB50SEA,  FX400,  AE700E, PT-LB353

Ready stock Sanyo Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Sanyo XT16, XM150, XU350A, XD2200, XW200, XU106, PLC-XW20A, XU101, PLC-XU75, PLC-XW200, PLC-XP100L, PLC-XF71, XU105, PLU-XU75, XU300, PDG-DXL100, PLC-XM150, PLC-XU106, PLC-SU30, PLC-XU305A, PDG-DSU30, PLC-XM1500C, PLC-XU300, PLC-XM100, XM100,  PLC-XU350A,  PLC-XU116 

Ready stock Sharp Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


 Sharp PG-ST90X, PG-LX2000, LX2000, PG-D40W3D, XR-40X, XR-32S, ST90X, XV-Z17000, PT-ST90X 

Ready stock Sony Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Sony VPL-FX37, BW120S, FX37, EX255, VPL-CX275, VPL-DX131, VPL-EW295, VPL-CX276, EX295, VPL-EX100, VPL-EX130, VPL-DX122, VPL-SX125, VPL-EX4, VPL-DX147, DX100, EX230, VPL-DX240, VPL-DW120, VPL-CH370, VPL-EX340, EX246, Hw40, VPL-HW10, VPL-DX220, VPL-HW55ES, VPL-EX242, VPL-EW246, VPL-CW275 

Ready stock Toshiba Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Toshiba NPX10A, NPS15A, NPX15A, TLP-XE30, SDW30, TLP-S10, TLP-X3000 

Ready stock Viewsonic Projector replacement lamp and bulb by AV Projector Room


Viewsonic VS14928, PJD5132, PJD5255, PJ755D 



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